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If you would like information on restoration or on my products, I will gladly share my experience with you. My mother tongue is French, but I also speak some English.


807 Airport Access Road, Unit D
Traverse City, MI, 49686
United States

Jeep Cherokee Chief Store is a small Swiss company founded by a passionate Chrysler Jeep Cherokee Gladiator and Wagoneer which aims to rebuild and market spare parts extremely rare and not found for a quality restoration.

#15 - Photo shooting for the online shop

Bumper Stripe Project - Jeep Grand Wagoneer 81-91

These bumper stripes or bumper nerfs are no longer available for several years. I started a project to rebuild set front and rear for Chrysler Jeep Grand Wagoneer. The goal will be to produce a new complete OEM set.

Code name: #BumperStripes
Project started at: 05. 2016

#15 - Photo shooting for the online shop

Frossard Dominique

Making product pictures is not easy, reflections, shadows, brightness. As I am not really equipped, I work with what I have.
But this stage is great, the fruit of my labor before my eyes, months of work, disillusions to finally have the final parts. So to photograph them, even if it is complicated, remains a much less worry.

I pretty much enjoy the soldier mode or the editing. You will also see the label that will be affixed to the product. I photograph the inner part of the rooms almost all the time, because the outside does not give that much. 
The parts are currently in transit to my store in the USA (MI), these will still have to be labeled and added to the online shop.
Thank you for your patience

For sale now

New Bumper nerfs for Jeep Grand Wagoneer 1984-91

New Bumper nerfs for Jeep Grand Wagoneer 1984-91