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If you would like information on restoration or on my products, I will gladly share my experience with you. My mother tongue is French, but I also speak some English.


807 Airport Access Road, Unit D
Traverse City, MI, 49686
United States

Jeep Cherokee Chief Store is a small Swiss company founded by a passionate Chrysler Jeep Cherokee Gladiator and Wagoneer which aims to rebuild and market spare parts extremely rare and not found for a quality restoration.

#9 - Final prototype on real material PP

Bumper Stripe Project - Jeep Grand Wagoneer 81-91

These bumper stripes or bumper nerfs are no longer available for several years. I started a project to rebuild set front and rear for Chrysler Jeep Grand Wagoneer. The goal will be to produce a new complete OEM set.

Code name: #BumperStripes
Project started at: 05. 2016

#9 - Final prototype on real material PP

Frossard Dominique

I received today the last protrotype not in ABS but in Polypropylene (PP), the same material as the original piece. The finish is very nice, somewhat resembling a sandblasting. To generate this prototype, we needed to create a first machined prototype in ABS and create a latex mold with this one and from this mold inject PP material and generate this current prototype.

Testing a PP prototype is required to check the flexibility of the product, that is not possible with the ABS because that is hard plastic and doesn’t have a good resistence to deformation. 

The small defect visible in these pictures on the inside of the part, came because this is a molding PP part. These defects will never exist in the final product.

The final parts will be created by molding injection into a metal mold, that guarantees a constant quality on 20,000 items.